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Only if time traveling was possible! Sometimes I get upset at my generation, because I learned about Black Panthers and the MOVE organization and it makes me want to live in that time period. I would be right there throwing the fist up with them and empowering my people, but in my generations they are like myths to some of us! Racism is still alive but only a few can really see its disguise and decode it. There are plenty of people my age that think we live in Post Racial utopia! No Leaders! Race doesn’t matter only what happened on Bad Girls Clubs the other night! Systematic racism doesn’t exist in my generation, because they say “black people, we do it to ourselves”! Did I mention no Leaders! (Al Sharpton don’t count). However there’s still hope, because some day new leaders will emerge if we reprogram the youth!
Post made by: @Oba_Tayo

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