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Day 8

This is the beginning of a new week and I am feeling more powerful than ever before. I am feeling motivated to do anything and more in control of what happened to me. I was productive today and was glad to hang and spend time with family. Even though they cooked it up over there I still stuck to the plan and only ate the mixed veggies they had and it was satisfying. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want anything else but like a keep saying I have a goal and nothin will deter me from that.

Sidenote: I went to see Addicted that Zane movie and it was more than I would have even thought some of the plot was corny but the filler was everything. The movie had all the makings of Tyler Perry movie with more sex 😂. The characters came to life tho. Although it was really graphic I think it’s a good girls night out type film me and my good friend went and it was interesting to have the discussion after the fact.

Day7-week 1 COMPLETE!!

This marks the end of the first week of the 21 day danielfast. Today was a good day little to no temptation and went to a university football game which was entertaining to say the least. I have gained control over what I eat and the decisions that I make. I used to would feel like I had to choice in what I ate like I was forcing to make bad decisions because I didn’t have to willpower against myself to say no. Within just this week I have gained a stronger sense of self. I am able to firmly give a “naw I’m good” and not regret my answer. This is was the hole in all my weight lose and sometimes life choices, the fact that I can overpower myself with the popular choice instead of the right choice. Just within the past week there has been a change in me that I love, this is just yet another aspect of my life that I am finally gaining control over. This is what this fast ideal about gaining perspective of the world around and self, and there is so much more to learn but right now at this rate I can say I like where this is headed. EMPOWERED.

Day 6

Yall today was the ultimate test of temptation. We took the kids I work with to a Chinese buffet😭😭. I didn’t even buckle I pat myself on the back. They had all the Chinese I love, but yet and still I knew I had a greater goal to accomplish than this minor satisfaction. I ate the veggies and fruit and I got full and I was proud of myself. I drank all the water I could drink and I didn’t even think about it. This showed a true test of willpower and even in these few days I have grown more powerful. I am always trying to test my willpower and always fall short, today I did not falter I succeeded. I won this day!

Day 4&5

Both these days seemed to be pretty chill as far as food goes and the way I’ve been feeling. Without the intentions of losing weight it was bound to happen with such a strict diet. I have lost 6 lbs since the start on Sunday 10/5/14. I have been just thinking about how I can become a more involved person and what are my attributes that I can give to the world. This has been a period of reflection both days and I haven’t been focusing so much on food and the food I can’t eat but what nourishment can I give to those that I can help with whatever it is that they need assistance with.i hope to get more time to reflect during this fast.

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